Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Who am I?

There are two sides to my personality: the expected and the unexpected. One vigorously conforms with traditional, even antiquated ideas of how a Young Woman of Good Education should behave. The other stomps off in a huff, equal parts offended and cynically amused at the ridiculous expectations of a sick society. The second part of me wears combat boots with dresses, breastfed in public and calls some of her students and some of her co-workers on their casual sexism and homophobia. This part puts her son in pink pajamas and black Ramones t-shirts. This part is attracted to skulls, hippies and feminist magazines. This part wears black on the outside because...well, if you don't already know, then the second part isn't going to tell you.

But the first part--ah, the first part. This part grooves on conformity. This part teaches English literature (a soft subject) to young children (an even softer subject!). This part wears skirts and colourful blouses and butterfly barrettes. This part teaches the baby not to pick his nose or fondle himself in public. This part goes to church every Sunday. This first part is attracted to massive stone edifaces, antique lace, high tea, and first editions. And it knits.

Of course, sometimes it knits skulls. But we can see that as more an act of balance than otherwise.

Oh, and it's fun!



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