Saturday, October 28, 2006
stash on, my friend

Today was the TTC Knitalong. Never have I shopped with such yarn-mad women. I had to leave early, and I bitterly regretted it (and not just because I had to haul my 2 huge bags to the theatre). Ladies, I salute you. This was awesome.

There are other pictures of us knitting, but my camera never made it out of the bottom of the bag.

I have ends in mind for less than half of what I bought today (I later dreamed up a use for the two bulky pinks while bored out of my gourd at "Wicked".) I usually try to restrict myself to yarn for definite projects. Today I just cleaned off my credit card and dived in. Plus, by the end of the day I'd finished a whole bootie! No prizes, but I didn't stick around the whole day. Next time I'm in it to the bitter end. (And some of the Bat Masterson staff I met later seemed interested in joining me the next time! Crazy!)

Beryl is a mad-sharp team leader. I liked her so much that it only made sense when she told me that she was raised as a Quaker. Ever since out Boggle parties in Nova Gothic, I like me some Quakers.

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