Tuesday, November 07, 2006
65: woodland kim-gnomey hat

My second kim-gnomey hat is DONE! I was feeling ill this past weekend, so I was doing a lot of compensatory knitting. I whipped through a button hole bag in less than 24-hours, and giddy with my success, I immediately cast on for this hat.

This has been in the planning stages for a long time. I made a red one last year for Demi, and it turned out so well that I bought another gnomey colourway of Manos del Uruguay within the month. It's been sitting in a lovely little cake since then, waiting for me to get cold.

We still have a few days left before he'll need this hat; until then I can admire my own ability to protect my son from the elements with only a few sticks & some string.

the gnome in a tree, with his awful clashing jacket & sesame street scarf

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