Monday, March 21, 2005
8: sunshine kerchief

Project #8 is a bright yellow Kitschy Kercheif that was begun when I got bored with #7 and was finished while the baby took an unusually long nap. It needs some ties, but the ones in the pattern are way too short so I'm going to buy a crochet hook and learn how to make cords that way.

Update: I took some time last weekend & crocheted the cords. Crocheting feels really awkward and my stitches are all over the place. Still, at least I followed through. Kerchief still needs some finishing, then it'll be ready for the rains of StanFest!

Update 2: I wove in the ends. I'm starting to wear this on weekends - it hides my not-attractive-growing-out hair. But one of the ties is coming loose! Crap!

the boy is making me laugh. curse him!



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