Friday, November 24, 2006
66: stripey bag, take two

A felted button-hole bag for my mom's birthday, the second bag I've churned out this gifty season. This was knit in less than 24-hours thanks to a whole day of professional development and my own panic. Don't be too impressed; it probably would've been more drawn out if the wool hadn't arrived the day before the birthday. It was still drying when her guests arrived.

I used's Peruvian bulky woool (cheap!) and displayed my newfound crochet skills with the cute flower. Crochet turns out one hell of a flower, I must say.

It's a little smaller than I'd expected (looks like it shrunk about 50%), so for the next bag I'll felt it by hand instead of using the washing machine. I like the way the flower turned out, and I threaded it on a pin so Mom can choose the placement (or leave it off altogether). Quick, cute & cheap: who doesn't like that?

Pictures to come when I find my camera!

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