Saturday, August 13, 2005
15: mashy felted ball

Last June we visited the Boy's mum during the Bread n' Honey festival. After the parade wound up, I found myself in a well-equipped LYS that was having a massive sale. I bought 4 different skeins of "Naturally Merino & Fur" (a 70/30 merino/wombat blend!!!) and made my first ball in blue & grey from a pattern in Knitting for Baby. It's really yummy, although I made a terrible hash of the bottom seam--it's a Frankensteiny mess of lumpy, awkward stitching. But Blake loves it, so that's all good. It's soft & rolls around, and there's a jingle in the centre. What's not to love? The next ball will be an improvement; if I finish it quicker, I may just remember how to sew up the bottom as well as I did the top.

the ball in its natural habitat



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