Saturday, August 27, 2005
17: snuggly ear flap hat

Another gift, another pattern from Knitting for Baby. This one is for Orion's first birthday, and since I'm fairly confident he can't read, I'm willing to make this post the day before his party.

I was offline for most of August, so I only had one week's notice of the party (ahh, the joys of Luddism). I picked this hat because the baby hat I knitted for Good Hank took me two days. This one was a little more complicated, involving cutie ear-flaps and a larger surface area. I was also a little stymied because the pattern is written for Manos del Uruguay yarn, which is between worsted and chunky and just doesn't substitute very well. The clerk in the Lewiscraft (whom I am beginning to mistrust) recommended chunky yarn. After chasing Blake in and out of the store for ten minutes while I tried to pick a colour, I ended up with a brown & grey varigated yarn. 20 minutes after I bought it I experienced a lot of buyer's remorse, and I returned it two days later. In the meantime, I'd realized that I have 4 balls of chunky yarn left over from my first two scarf projects...and so a blue stripey hat was born.

It's a bit lumpy in the seams and the ear flaps are slightly askew on the circumference and, well, it's a little too big for a one-year-old (it fits Blake with ease, but he has a very large head.) Still, it's damn cute. I suppose I've become that aunt who knits things "to grow into." Sigh.



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