Sunday, August 14, 2005
16: roll your own needle case

I've been wanting to make this needle case for awhile. Not only did the pattern look simple, but I was getting a little worried about Blake losing an eye to my needles (even though I put them high over his wee head). Unfortuantely, I was stymied by my general fabric store intimidation (this developed following an incident two years ago when I had expensive yellow fabric cut without checking the price).

I had a stroke of luck on Wednesday: I was about to bite the bullet and check out Fabricland (Fabricland!) when my mother bestowed upon me all of her odd upholstery samples. I managed to find four that were the right size and interesting together, so I set up the sewing machine and plunged in.

Five very intense day later, it's done. It took maybe 4 hours to sew the pieces together, 3 hours to sew & embroider a leaf n' ladybug (there were a few holes to cover in one of the pieces as it started out life in a sample book), and another hour to sew on a ribbon and finish the last side seam. When you're doing it all after the baby has gone to bed, it tends to push your own bedtime back.

It may look a bit crap, but it makes me happy. I'm glad I did it.



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