Sunday, April 30, 2006
new job? buy yarn!

What did I do to celebrate my new job? Buy yarn! And yarny accessories!

Cascade Fixation for Pixie’s birthday present…Cascade 220 for a Jumblie toy…Peace Fleece for Blake’s next sweater...a needle gauge, as some of my circulars are metal and thus lack clear identification. A lot of money, but great fun. I’m loving this yarn! And...I'm starting to run out of room in my recently-organized stash. Wait--I don't think I've ever mentioned this before. So:

A month ago I went out and bought three clear bins for my stash. I already have a white one from Ikea, but the lid doesn't snap on and it was highly unsatisfactory. As my stash grew, I was shoving bags of yarn in a cabinet. Not fun to find anything. So I bought some totes, thinking I'd get everything out of the way. I also bought herbal moth repellant, which smells minty-awesome.

I'm almost ashamed to say how excited I was to bring home those totes. It was like every nerdy nerve in my body was singing in anticipation of the new system. Yarn! Neatness! Sorting! It was too good. I managed to keep everything reasonable by putting remnants and upcoming projects in the clear totes, large possibly-maybe projects in the white tote and current (and pretty) yarn in my carpet bag (oh yeah, I have a carpet bag too. It's fun). And yet, it didn't work out. I was disappointed to find out that I still had a bunch of stuff hanging around loose after I got everything sorted and stored in the new totes. The old white tote was still filled, although not overflowing (until today). I'm not really sure what the next step is, as I only have a small square left on the cabinet's side. Square baskets? Cannisters? Stop buying yarn?

Well, probably not that last one. :)

I'm also making myself a circular needle case, so soon I'll have a bunch of circs cleaned out from my crafty shelf. This is a damned good development, as there's nothing messier than a tangle of circs. I'm still buying more than I can store; job or no job I have to slow down.

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