Saturday, April 15, 2006
45: chocklit easter bunny

Instead of purchasing a big honking hunk of sugar, I knit my child a chocolate bunny for Easter from Jess Hutch's pattern. I was lucky that this project had a quick turn-around time, so I couldn't procrastinate the scary scary finishing. I just don't have such a good record with finishing toys.

Yarn: brown Paton Classic Merino (bought for Henry Rollins' pants) and two colours of green Galway (sitting in my stash a year because one day I'm going to get over my finishing guilt about my other bag and make Meema's marsupial bag). This project features the most embroidery I've done on a project since the lippity lippity hat. I don't think that the sewing machines who do satin stitch need to worry about the scrap yard quite yet.

Reactions range from, "you could sell this!" (Theresa) to "it's just like the golliwogs your great grandmother used to make." (my grandmother. And no, it most certainly is not!)

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