Thursday, June 15, 2006
doin' my thing with the sticks and the string

Despite the raging guilt that:

  1. I hadn't finished marking
  2. It was a school night
  3. I was leaving my baby
  4. Just who the hell do I think I am with this knitting stuff, anyway?

...I went to the Harlot's birthday party. It was probably the best birthday party I've been to in the category of a party for someone I hadn't met before that night. (And it was one of the best birthday parties I've been to this century, when it comes to that.) They gave me beer and fine chocolate and the yarn was on sale. And then Stephanie opened up the stash pinata and the night transcended beauty. It just might have been the best night in the last month.

Highlights, because I'm too tired and guilty to write a coherent lyrical narrative:

And then there was the hip vegetarian dinner at the Gladstone with Dirk Nightshade, and "who gave Maria a whistle?", and the car full of German hotties, and the rainbow, and holding Poison Ivy while she made little baby grimaces and coos, and the wee elegant spider in my car when I went home. And Shaun Rider singing "Dare," my driving-through-the-dark-streets-at-high-speeds-while-ecstatically-happy theme song. And getting home cranky and happy and tired and the Boy knowing why it was all so wonderful.

"That's what you do baby!" Yes. Yes it is.

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