Tuesday, February 28, 2006
37: knitting with rollins

My brother's birthday present is finished, and I'm only a week behind schedule!!

He is knit out of black Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton, brown Patons Classic Merino wool and cream Patons Aran Style Fisherman Knit acrylic. I think that if he is ever thrown into the washing machine, his pants will shrink and he'll become a Ricky Martin doll.

Knitting Rollins = surprisingly easy. Finishing Rollins = predictably hard. I'm not very good at sewing even seams, so I had to do a few seams more than once. And the duplicate stitch nearly turned me into a raving lunatic (although I have to admit that it was fun watching Hank progress from "bald as an egg" through "profoundly bald" through "you kids stay off my lawn! thin"). If you look closely, you can see where I used a black magic marker to colour in the very top of his head.

We also bought Get in the Van just in case Nic didn't like the doll. Although - who wouldn't? My groovy girl seems to like him...

it will NEVER last

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