Thursday, February 23, 2006
big sock strikes again

It's now 3 days past my brother's birthday and I'm just now finishing the duplicate stitch on Henry's head. Of course, now I'll have to unpick & redo because I lost confidence at the end and started to loop stitches over and over, bulking up the crown of his head into either a pompadour or a horrible mutation.

he sort of reminds me of morrissey

Tomorrow I rip and redo, stitch a tattoo, sew an arm, stuff the legs, and finish this freaking doll.

In considerably happier news, my first sockapaloooza sock has a heel! I was half-done as of Monday, but I put it down for two days and forgot my place in the pattern. Yesterday evening I pulled it out to work on during a professional development session and realized that I was making a hash of it. So I ripped down to the beginning of the heel.

Today during (another) pd session, I managed to turn the whole damn heel! Yay!

this heel is about literacy

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