Saturday, February 04, 2006
34 & 35: green fur presents

These objects were tiny and made of the same yarn (Naturally Wool & Fur, 70% merino/30% wombat fur); they also have no photos. Thus, they have been consolidated into one entry.

In honour of the arrival of Maya Pax, I tried out the booties from LMKG in the green wombat/merino blend I bought last summer. Despite the clear problems with the pattern, I kind of liked how these little guys turned out. I'm promised a picture from the parents, as I stupidly forgot my camera today.

Kate's birthday was an all-book affair (a tremendously classy idea!) but I managed to find something to knit: a green fur bookworm/book mark. I used the Cultured Purl rainbow pattern, but cast off after 4 rows. Very mashy.

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