Wednesday, March 15, 2006
40: zig zag waves

I started this scarf at Lettuce Knit, as part of a lace knitting class. I was sorta disgruntled when I chose this project, due to a few factors:

  1. this was a Christmas present from the Boy (good) but it had to be changed from a baby sweater class (which I don't need, see: Robin Hoodie) and they were a trifle pissy about the change, so there was a residue of resentment there
  2. I arrived with the wrong kind of stash yarn (50/50) and had to make a last minute purchase of sport-weight Gems Opal wool in French Blue
  3. I didn't like any of the lace swatches

Somehow, I managed to fluke into the most beautiful thing I have ever knit. It's shiny blue, soft and yummy, and the oh-whatever zig zag pattern I chose so grumpily turned this unassuming sock yarn into a vertical wave mosaic. I could stare at this scarf all day.

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