Tuesday, August 30, 2005
stash update

Went to Romni Wools this afternoon to return some Rowan Wool Cotton that I bought 2 weeks ago without checking the price. I love Blake, but I'm not making him a $70 bunny hat. Not only did they return the yarn without fuss, but in exchange I got:

How much do I love Romni? A hell of a lot. They don't always have the exact wool I need, but they always have an excellent substitution. The staff has always been extremely patient with my dumb questions, and has gently coached me to the point where I now arrive with enough information to get good product for my patterns. They always steer me to the cheapest yarn in that class, and they understand me when I say that I have more ideas for projects seething in my brain than I can possibly knit. Also, when I explained my reasoning for changing yarn weights to make an adult hat out of a baby hat pattern, the clerk called me a rockstar.

The side effect is that my stash is totally out of control. It fills an Ikea storage bin and a large plastic bag. I have enough yarn to last me for years. But will I go to Romni again before the year is out? I'll probably think of something to need.



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