Saturday, September 03, 2005
19: sock-like cozy

Whilst Alleen was visiting from Africa this summer, the most reliable way to find her was through her cell phone. Unfortunately, she misplaced it every once in awhile. Surely this was excuse enough to knit her a cozy for her birthday.

Just to keep it fresh (this is, like, my 7th time through the pattern), I used my new size 7 dpns to knit it up. I managed to knock an entire day off my project time without the seams to sew, and I got to practice 3-needle bind-off for the first time. My only problem was that it came out a little big; I'm not sure if that's because I was up one needle size or because I didn't subtract enough stitches to compensate for the seams.

(The really funny thing is that the day I gave it to her, she managed to lose her wallet. No cozy for that!)

Now it's up to her to send me a picture. Enjoy it, my little bird of paradise!

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