Tuesday, January 03, 2006
30: free mittens!

Ever since news of my knitting habit became public, one of the nicest ladies in the church has been after me to accept some of the free yarn available in the church. The idea is that I would knit something for the bazaar or the mitten drive or something. In October I caved, and chose some of the least-offensive yarn: a variegated TLC skein called "Country Club" (pastels ahoy!) Lacking a basic mitten pattern, I decided to do the math for Kate Atherley's basic mitten template and make some to suit myself. Fortunately for the anonymous recipient, I happen to have pretty large paws. (Or as my drum teacher once said, 'you have big hands, for a girl.')

There was too much of the skein left over to ignore, so I decided to make an earwarmer. But since I wasn't sure I had enough yarn for the one in the Sn'B Nation book, I cast on the number of stitches for the Basic Cable hat and knit a 2x1 rib until I ran out of yarn. I think it all turned out rather well, and Blake enjoyed the part when we got to go to the front of the church and hang our contribution on the mitten tree.

sorry about the crap picture...i *do* live in a basement

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