Wednesday, November 30, 2005
naprofomo progress...

Day 1: Started to weave in ends, but quit after 15 minutes. Tired.

Day 2: Finished first project (Christmas present for father). Found a few errors while I was at it. Oh well.

Day 3: Cheated; pretended I was about to go into the bedroom with Blake at any moment and so knit my tunic for an hour instead of finishing up. Bad Girl.

Days 4-10: Sick. Marking for midterms. Knitting for comfort or not at all (eep!). No progress.

Day 11: Sick day = leisure to stitch! Tonight I sewed 2 new buttons onto my fall coat, steam blocked the ears of my bunny hat, and wove away the ends in Tychus! Back on track!

Day 12: Finished knitting a hat, then wove in all the ends. Does this count?

Day 13: Seamed one of the bunny ears, too tired to do the second.

Days 14-24: See days 4-10.

Day 25: Not as sick! Cowl finally finished!

Days 26-28: Lazy, not finishing much. Need to mark, so knitting for comfort.

Days 29-30: eh. This month has been a qualified failure.

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