Friday, December 09, 2005
27: lippity lippity

Well, my first Sn'B Nation project is knitted: in honour of our household's newfound involvement with all things Peter Rabbit, I made a bunny hat for Blake's birthday. In lieu of the hella-expensive Rowan Wool Cotton, this one's King Cole Merino Blend DK super-wash wool. Yum.

This one stayed in the finishing pile until I learned how to steam-block the ears... then I had to gather the courage to sew them on & add the facial embroidery. As I finished this hat the night before Blake's birthday, I decided not to fool around with learning chain stitch, so the eyes are French knots. F***ing french knots. Hate them so much, can't figure out why I can't do them. I turned the air blue with profanity trying to get these eyes in. Might have been easier to learn the chain stitch.

Oh, and the best part? After knitting, blocking, sewing, embroidering and wrapping in tissue paper (tied with more yummy rabbit yarn!) Blake won't wear it. He'll look at it and say "bunny hat!" But he doesn't want it on his head. Sucks to be me.

in lieu of blake's head, here it be on a balloon

...and nestled in the tissue paper wrapping to sleep

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