Tuesday, November 01, 2005
november is NaProFOMo!

Being that the pile next to my knitting chair is growing with each week, and

Being that I have the hand-eye co-ordination of a bee-stung golden retriever but the perfectionist impulse of a captain of industry, and

Being that I avoid failure in finishing up at all costs, including not finishing, and

Being that at least 3 projects would be finished if not for loose ends to be woven in, and

Being that my teddy bear's needed a nose since June, and

Being that I'd rather knit than sew

I declare November to be National Project Finish-Off Month. Yes, just like NaNoWriMo, I need a whole freaking month to come to terms with my fear of turning a beautiful knitted piece into a crappy finished object by way of my clumsy needlework. And because I like starting movements of one (i.e. me), I have rules and a snappy button.

The Rules

  1. Finishing off consists of sewing up, weaving in ends, blocking, embroidering, lining, etc. In other words, everything that is done after knitting the piece.
  2. All knitters will admit that finishing up activities are not as bad as they seem.
  3. When it is “time for knitting,” knitters will first spend at least 30 minutes or more finishing off earlier projects.
  4. The only exception to rule #3 is in regards to unstable & portable knitting opportunities: on the road, on the phone, nursing a baby, etc. Simple knitting will be allowed in those moments without the 30-minute buffer.
  5. Once all projects in the queue have been Finished Off, attention will shift to Projects in Pieces, where only one or more pieces has been knitted in a longer project.
  6. At the conclusion of NaProFOMo, knitters should brag about their creative fecundity. Yeah, I said fecundity.
  7. You are allowed to spread the word on NaProFOMo. Take a button if you’re so inclined.

Tell everyone!

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