Monday, January 16, 2006
31: a hat for Pixies

Note: This entry will stay in draft until the mail has a chance to get to the recipient. She probably doesn't read this blog (let's be honest, who would?), but I don't wanna take the chance.

This hat was an experiment with the famous Pixie Hat, trying to get it to fit an adult head. And as with all experiments, there was a lot of work without concrete product (I've knit this hat three times to get to this stage.) Using DK-weight yarn helped (Filati Fantasia Carezza, 100% cotton); unfortunately my first draft was way too big & I had to frog the whole thing. The second draft was too small. I restarted this one in a hurry before I remembered that the recipient was taking this past Christmas off. That said, I was done in less than a week, which bodes well for a repeat performance if I ever decide to do this again.

My other dithering nexus is the material. It's cotton, which I thought was a good idea until I realized how heavy this hat would be. It still has a point, but without the loft of a lighter material, the shape is much less silly than I had originally intended.

With all that said, it's a goddamn pixie hat! And it's for my sister Pixie! Maybe she'll send me a picture one day.

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