Sunday, March 12, 2006
39: placket neck sweater

I spent February working away on my cousin's placket neck baby sweater (pattern from LMKG, natch), and I finished way ahead of schedule. Of course, since we're talking about me, it took me weeks to drag up the gumption to finish her off. I think it's damn worth the wait.

The yarn is DGB Confort (50/50); the buttons are turtles (turtles!!) from Courage My Love. I've been waiting to use these turtles for the better part of a year.

please ignore the garish ironing board

The only rain on my parade was the fact that the entire Rocketfamily was too sick to ferry this sweater in person. My parents report that the mom liked it, which is good, since she was dropping hints like crazy last October when I brought home the Robin Hoodie pattern. All in all, a qualified success.

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