Sunday, March 05, 2006
welcome to the stash

Today I took part one of a knitted lace class at Lettuce Knit. Happy surprise: Andrea was there! We got to chat about babies, knitting, UofT, babies, knitting, husbands, knitting and babies for two hours! Bliss. Unhappy surprise: the DK yarn I brought from my stash was too plastic to hold the lace, so I had to buy some pretty French Blue sport-weight Gems Opal wool. I *had* to!

I got 3 repeats into the lace and I love it much more than my Branching Out (interminable Christmas project that it is; why wouldn't I like it? sigh.) Even my mom likes it. Next week is all about blocking, which is definately a class I need to attend.

I also took advantage of the low-priced Lana Gatto and spent a measley $34 on enough yarn to knit an adult-sized cardigan. This is the greatest bargain I have ever scored in the world of yarn. Sad, isn't it?

My third purchase was an attempt to get some angora for a last-minute pair of LMKG booties for the Boy's host principal, but the selection was a) skimpy and b) expensive, so instead I bought more Koigu PPPM for Enzo 2 (my cousin's upcoming baby) and allocated the rest of the green Koigu to the last-minute booties. Like you wanted to know that! I think the important thing is that I bought more Koigu.

All in all, I got out of the store less than $70 poorer, and all the yarn was a planned purchase. For me, that's good.

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