Sunday, September 04, 2005
12: diaper cover

As if washing my own cloth diapers wasn't granola-mommy enough for me, in May I decided not to give my money to The Man when I could be knitting my own diaper covers. I've clearly lost my mind.

Of the many free diaper patters online, I chose Fern and Faerie. This first draft of this project was done in free acrylic yarn, just to see if it would fit. I was under the impression that only wool would work, but I've since read that acrylic can also work as a diaper cover.

It took me 3 months to dredge up the courage to pick up stitches for the ribbed cuffs, but I did and they're gorgeous. I finally had to weave in the last few ends this afternoon because we were all out of clean covers. Nothing motivates like neccessity!

blake, resplendant in his new knitted soaker

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