Saturday, September 17, 2005
20: cell phone cozy dreams a wall around itself

This cell phone cozy is becoming my gift cliché. Ah well. I think I keep getting better, so my apologies to the early recipients. This one was knit with Inspiration 100% acrylic (Lewiscraft's house brand, cheap as dirt) on size 7 dpns, with fewer body stitches than Scherezade's cozy and less mucking about with the antenna slot (thus two rows shorter). The stripes were 6 rows high, which I think makes for a gloom princess solidity-they're very stripey stripes (I'm a confirmed striped stocking addict myself and I know what I like). The button is from a lovely quartet I bought for Dirk's cozy. And the colours! I figure that if I'm going to make this for Little Spider, it'll have to be the gothest knitting that ever did goth. Until I figure out how to knit spiders, this will hold the dark crown. Also new with this one was the jogless jog technique from Yarn Harlot's striped sock pattern. This means that the colours don't jump up the spiral as I switch back and forth. It's very liberating.

I only hope that she doesn't have one already, as she owns the Sn'B book (I mean Little Spider, not the Yarn Harlot). We'll find out tonight.

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